Housing Counseling

We offer a one hour counseling session with a certified counselor on the following housing topics:

Foreclosure Prevention - A housing counselor will work with you, examine your financial situation, and offer guidance on how best to avoid default or foreclosure. A counselor will explore different ways to resolve your mortgage situation. 

A housing counselor can also help you find out if you are eligible for Keep Your Home California. Click here to see a video about the state-run program.

Pre-purchase Counseling - A housing counselor will sit down with you to evaluate the the process of buying a home. The counselor help you understand the mortgage lending process and the financial commitment you are about to undertake. 

During this interview, the counselor will analyze your individual income, expenses and debt owed to creditor and discuss with you your available options and  solutions. 

You have a number of options for counseling.  We offer in-person counseling sessions at our main office in Bakersfield, CA,  also in our branch office located in Visalia, CA.  Please call us at (661) 324-9628, (559) 732-2227 or 1-800-272-2482 to schedule an appointment at either office.  Fill out our online housing Online Forms.     

For your counseling session, please bring with you the following forms:

For mail or telephone counseling, please send in the above forms completed and a note requesting a telephone interview with a counselor.  Mail to 2001 F Street, Bakersfield, CA  93301.  Or FAX to 661-324-0750.  You can also scan into a PDF file and email toinfo@californiacccs.org.