Debt Management Plan

The CCCS Debt Management Plan (DMP) is an opportunity for you to regain control over your personal finances and restore balance to your life.  Your debt problems can be overcome through the combined partnership of you, CCCS and your creditors.  You will make one easy monthly payment in the form of a money order or direct deduction from your bank account to CCCS.  We will disburse the payment to your creditors as outlined by your counselor during your counseling session.  

Our clients agree to pay 100% of their debt to their creditors.  The maximum monthly fee for the services provided through CCCS is $35.00.

Debt Counseling

We offer a one hour counseling session with a certified counselor for the small fee of $20.00 (cash or money order only).  During this interview, the counselor will analyze your individual income, expenses and debt owed to creditors, discuss with you your available options and their recommendations.  At that time, it will be determined if the Debt Management Plan (DMP) would be right for you.

You have a number of options for counseling.  We offer in-person counseling sessions at our main office in Bakersfield, CA,  also in our branch office located in Visalia, CA.  Please call us at (661) 324-9628, (559) 732-2227 or 1-800-272-2482 to schedule an appointment at either office.  We also offer online counseling; fill out our Online Forms.  We also offer mail or telephone counseling.  

For your counseling session, please bring with you the following forms:

For mail or telephone counseling, please send in the above forms completed, $20 counseling fee and a note requesting a telephone interview with a counselor.

For online counseling, please  Pay Online your $20 counseling fee.  Or you can mail your $20 counseling fee to CCCS, 2001 F Street, Bakersfield, CA 93301.

CCCS is a local non-profit that has been serving the community for nearly 50 years. We are not a massive, national company meaning you get fast, personal, and incredible service.