Since 1966 we have helped tens of thousands of people regain control of their finances and repay their debts. 
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Debt management plans

The CCCS Debt Management Plan (DMP) is an opportunity for you to regain control over your personal finances and restore balance to your life.  Your debt problems can be overcome through the combined partnership of you, CCCS and your creditors.  You will make one easy monthly payment in the form of a money order or direct deduction from your bank account to CCCS.  We will disburse the payment to your creditors as outlined by your counselor during your counseling session. 

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Homebuyer education

CCCS offers all types of homebuyer certificates. If you are in need of a first time homebuyer certificate, a FHA back to work certificate, or HOPA counseling, you have come to the right place. CCCS will work with you through education and counseling in your journey to finalizing your home purchase. CCCS has in-person and online options making it easy for everyone to get their certificates in a timely manner.

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Bankruptcy Certificates

Bankruptcy certificates are required before and after you file bankruptcy. CCCS is approved by the Executive Office of the United States Trustees to issue these certificates in accordance to the Bankruptcy code. A credit counselor can work with you in person, over the phone, or online to complete the first counseling certificate. CCCS offers the second educational certificate in person on online. 

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Save your home with the help of a certified credit counselor. 

A housing counselor will work with you, examine your financial situation, and offer guidance on how best to avoid default or foreclosure. A counselor will explore different ways to resolve your mortgage situation including national programs like Making Home Affordable, state run programs like Keep Your Home California, and in house programs with your lender. CCCS' foreclosure prevention appointments are 100% free. CCCS is HUD approved, a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, and accredited by Council on Accreditation, and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. There is no better place to trust when requiring help with your home. 


CCCS is supported by tax deductible contributions from consumer lenders, merchants who sell goods and services on credit, and other community minded firms, organizations, and individuals. Most of our funding comes from voluntary contributions from creditors who participate in Debt Management Plans ("DMP"). Since creditors have a financial interest in getting paid, most are willing to make a contribution to help fund our agency. These contributions are usually calculated as a percentage of payments you make through your DMP- up to 15% of each payment received. However, your accounts with your creditors are always to be credited with 100 % of the amount you pay through us and we will work with all your creditors regardless of whether they contribute to our agency.